Report TitleDateLanguageFile TypeAction
Effects on Landscape Diversity of Agricultural Activites Of Uzundere District and
Its Surroundings
Evaluation of Ecotourism Potential of Uzundere District and Its Environs 2009TurkishPDFDownload
Bird Watching Opportunities in Uzundere Valley2005TurkishPDFDownload
Bird Watching Potential in Coruh Valley (Ispir – Pazaryolu)2005TurkishPDFDownload
Sirakonaklar, a Bridge of Architectural Heritage to Tourism in Coruh Valley2008TurkishPDFDownload
Water based Opportunities in Rural Recreational Planning of Uzundere Valley in Coruh Basin2008TurkishPDFDownload
How should we Conserve our Architectural Heritage?2008TurkishPDFDownload
The Geopark Potential of Tortum Valley (Erzurum, Turkey) and Its Surroundings 2008EnglishPDFDownload
Datur Final Presentation2011TurkishPDFDownload
Strategical Progress Plan of Uzundere2011TurkishPDFDownload
Tourism Master Plan of Uzundere2011TurkishPDFDownload
Introductory Booklet of Tortum Waterfall2011TurkishPDFDownload