Cultivated Land

Coruh Valley is one of the very few places in the country where traditional methods of production continue to be employed. In the Valley where agricultural chemicals and genetically modified crop seeds are not favoured, the farm animals can easily fulfill their ecological roles by grazing the ranges: the milk of those cattle, goats and sheeps are used in making delicious cheese and butter.

Detailed Info

 Coruh Valley is one of the very few places in Turkey where local domestic plant and animal varieties have been successfully conserved and traditional methods of production are still used. Agricultural chemicals and genetically modified seeds are too expensive for small farmers and farm animals are also still moved to upper pastures to graze natural grasses. In winter, cattle are fed on waste fruit and vegetables (such as dried damaged apples, bean stalks and wild plants). Farmers make delicious yoghurt, cheese and butter and provide high-quality local meat and some is used to make sausage, pastrami and other cured products.
The valley’s organic products can be recognized by their natural taste. In the fields surrounding the higher villages, maize, green and broad beans, wheat and potatoes are cultivated. Small gardens contain tomatoes, green onions, garlic, salads and herbs. All available irrigated, flat land is used to grow vegetables for home consumption or the local markets and also sent to Erzurum. The orchards are filled with a wide variety fruits such as mulberries, walnuts, grapes and apricots, apples and hazelnuts. 
In the land at the base of the valley, where there’s a Mediterranean climate, olives, pomegranates and rice with a distinct natural aroma are grown. Rice-paddies are still ploughed by water buffalo, which also provide manure. Locally produced olive oil has won awards in international contests. Honey is an important local crop and the hives are moved up the mountains, following the flowers, to achieve the best taste and production. The Valley’s organic products other than mulberry molasses and dried sugar bean which are already known expect to be recognized by their unforgettable tastes. The local meat demand is also met by the locally grown delicious farm animals. In the fields surrounding the villages that are more commonly located on the hilly  plains, in particular corn, bean, wheat and potatoes are cultivated using animal power. In the land that lies at the base of the valley where a temperate climate prevails olive, pomegranate and rice of a distinct natural aroma have been grown. And from those olives of low acidity, olive oil is produced which has been awarded in international contests.