Situated in the western tip of the Caucasian Ecological Region, one of the richest biological regions in the world,  Coruh Valley and its pristine environment include mountain chains, pastures and deep canyons carved by the tributaries of the Coruh River. While the valley bottoms have a Mediterranean and sometimes an almost subtropical climate with pomegranate shrubs, fig trees, olive groves and rice paddies, forests and lush pine meadows cover the peaks of the Kackar Mountains. The Coruh Basin will enchant nature lovers since it is rich in rare and endemic plant species including many varieties of orchids, campanulas and wild irises, and home to brown bears and mountain goats. Because the region is crossed by several major avian migratory routes, it is a paradise for birdwatchers. As if this wasn’t enough, the valleys of the Coruh Basin boast more than 130 species of brilliantly coloured butterflies. Here you may find more information about the flora and fauna of Coruh Valley as well as it’s conservation status, information about the cultivated land and different climatic regions and zones.


Coruh Valley holds the status of Important Bird Area not only due to its location being on the migratory route of vultures but also for hosting birds like(…) Read More..



With about 210 species, Artvin is among the provinces with the greatest butterfly diversity in Turkey. Read more..



There are estimated to be around 100 plant species endemic to the area or found in very few other places, including rare orchids, bellflowers and irises. Read more..


 Edible Fruits

Coruh Valley holds a great richness of wild fruits with regard to variety and biological diversity.  Read more..


Climatic Regions and Zones

The region can be roughly divided into four separate environments, depending on altitude. Read more..


Conservation Status

Coruh River basin is split into four Key Botanic Areas: DKD 005, the Kackar mountains (mixed status); DKD 006, Coruh valley (a wildlife conservation area); DKD 009, the Oltu(…) Read more..


Cultivated  Land

Coruh Valley is one of the very few places in the country where traditional methods of production continue to be employed. Read more..


Natural Beauty

Read more..