Certificate Ceremony in Uzundere Ceramics Atelier

February 25, 2011

With the completion of “Ceramics Souvenir Manufacturing Trainings” in Uzundere district of Erzurum, 17 women participants received their certificates on the 24th of February 2011. Under the scope of Tourism Development in Eastern Anatolia Project (TDEAP)*, a ceramics atelier has been built in Uzundere district Center in cooperation with Uzundere Municipality. This unit has been used for a training program since June 2010 in developing ceramics manufacturing techniques for creating souvenirs symbolising the region’s tourism assets.

In order to manufacture such souvenirs, original designs were created by ceramics artist Atila ÇAKIR and along the training program applied to models. It is expected that designing, modelling and moulding of local souvenirs and manufacturing them with a market orientation in an on-site manufacturing and training atmosphere will create  a sustainable capacity among  local women and this capacity will result in entrepreneurial activities in this respect.

Tablets displaying Oskvank (Çamlıyamaç) Church, Tortum Waterfall and Medresah with Twin Minarets, doodahs of two-headed eagle, mountain goat and squirrel, pots, bowls and magnets decorated with motifs unique to the region are available in the atelier and various sale points in Uzundere and Erzurum.

The women initiative of Uzundere (UZKADER) will undertake future manufacturing process in the atelier with the support of TDEAP and Uzundere Municipality. Besides tourist souvenir business, UZKADER and TDEAP are also working in close cooperation to develop the skills for natural fruit processing, packaging and labelling to maximize the use of the potential in miscellaneous commercial ways.

*TDEAP jointly executed by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Culture and Tourism and EFES Company since April 2007, aims to contribute to the living standard of local people by improving tourism activities in the Çoruh Valley.
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