November 11, 2010

Souvenir manufacturing of unique designs specific to the region has started in the Ceramics Atelier built in Uzundere with the cooperation of Tourism Development in Eastern Anatolia Project (TDEAP) and Municipality of Uzundere. Both tourists and local population show interest on colorful doodahs of Eagle, Mountain Goat and Squirrel, bowls with unique seals and tablets of the Monastry of Oshvank the most. Souvenirs designed by Atila Çakır are manufactured by the local women of Uzundere. The women started manufacturing after a 3-month training period and they are very happy with the interest for their products. The ceramics atelier is expected to be a major income generating activity for women in Uzundere and it is run by UZKADER (Uzundere Association for Adding Value to Women Labour).