Capacity Enhancement Trainings on Local Gastronomy in Uzundere, Erzurum

September 17, 2011

Between 1st of August and 16th of September 2011 “Capacity Enhancement Trainings on Local Gastronomy” were held in Uzundere district of Erzurum under the scope of Tourism Development in Eastern Anatolia Region Project (TDEAP*). At the end of the trainings 40 participants celebrated their accomplishments with a local festival accompanied with various master chefs from İstanbul and Erzurum and achieved their certificates.

The main reason for implementing such a training program is the fact that Uzundere has a great potential in gastronomy with its inherited traditional cuisine based on local fruit and vegetables. To build that potential as a market niche in local tourism, a capacity enhancement training was needed to serve a better local cuisine with proper recipes.

The objective of the trainings were threefold; such as
1. Enhancing capacities of the owners and employees of the present bed and breakfast and daily tourist businesses in the field of gastronomy and local food preparation.
2. Building capacity among local women in the field of gastronomy and local food preparation and thus encouraging them to start their own businesses.
3. Improving local cuisine with proper recipes and establishing all necessary standards for their preparation.

With the completion of the trainings, deserts and vegetables unique to the region have begin to be served in all home pansions and daily tourism businesses thus created the chance for every tourist to enjoy the special taste of local cuisine.

*TDEAP jointly executed by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Culture and Tourism and EFES Company since April 2007, aims to contribute to the living standard of local people by improving tourism activities in the Coruh Valley. /