September 27, 2011

Birdwatchers discovered the rich bird watching opportunities in the Coruh Valley which serves as a very important highway for the raptors.

Almost 120 birdwatchers and bird photographers coming from all over Turkey and from abroad had the chance to watch migrating raptors during the festival. The festival was organized under the scope of “Tourism Development in Eastern Anatolia Region Project” (TDEAP*) for the fourth time this year. Participation to the festival is growing among the relevant interest groups when compared to the previous years.

On the 24th of September the participants left Erzurum-Uzundere-Pehlivanlı Camping Site with the guidance of experts from “Nature Research Society”. The group reached Kılıçkaya (2500 meters high above sea level) and then climbed up to Karadağ. More than 20 bird species were identified by the bird watchers among the thousands of migrating raptors above the magnificient view of the Coruh Valley.

For the first time this year 15 hearing-impared students coming from Erzurum Vocational High School and 30 elementary school children coming from Uzundere were the participants of the festival. On the 25th of September the children had experienced bird watching activities and educational games to raise awareness about the biological diersity and nature with the guidance of experts of Nature Research Society at Uzundere Zugar Open air Facilities.

For more information on the subject of bird species and relevant brochures of Coruh Valley you may follow the links below:

*TDEAP, jointly executed by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Culture and Tourism and EFES Company since April 2007, aims to contribute to the living standard of local people by improving tourism activities in the Coruh Valley.
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